Sunday, March 27, 2011


I was sitting in the library amid a pile of engineering books. My hair was down. I was wearing jeans, a green spaghetti strap top, and wedge heels.
The men were everywhere. One in particular kept looking over at me. I made a show of pretending I didn't have a clue what I was reading - which wasn't difficult because it was all technological tongue twisters to me.
I got up to throw some wadded up papers into the trashcan which was conveniently located by his table.
"How's it going?" he asked me with a smile.
"It'd be better if I could understand what the heck I'm reading."
"What are you working on?"
"I'm trying to get a jump start on Dr. Brown's engineering class. I'm taking it over the summer."
"I'm taking his class now," he said. "I'd love to help you."
"I think I'm a lost cause," I laughed.
"That's not possible," he laughed too. "I'm a great teacher."
"All right," I started to walk backwards towards my table. "Let's see what you've got."
It took the boy all of three seconds to gather his things and come to my table.
"What are you having trouble with?" he asked.
"Chapter six," I lied. I didn't understand any of it but I didn't want to look completely incompetent. I figured as long as I could get away with just answering 'uh-huh', 'right', 'ok', I could feign brilliance.
He talked for twenty minutes until I couldn't take it anymore and said, "That makes sense now. Thank you."
"Of course," he smiled and grabbed my notebook. "Come on, walk me to my class." He threw one arm around my shoulders and we left the library. I looked up at him.
"A little precocious, aren't you?"
"So tell me where you're from. Did you just move here?" he asked, ignoring my complaint.
"I'm from Arizona," I lied. "I moved here last month and I'll start taking classes in the summer."
"Not going home?"
"Nope. What about you?"
"I'm from here, been here all my life."
"Boring," I sighed. He laughed and looked at me.
"Do you want to get dinner Friday night? There's a great little Italian restaurant that just opened down on the strip."
"Sounds romantic," I said nonchalantly.
"And a walk through the park afterwards would really be the icing on the cake. Meet me there at seven."
"A little precocious, aren't you?" I said again. We had reached his classroom and were facing each other.
"Seven o'clock," he smiled and backed away from me.
"Hey! You've got my notebook," I called after him.
"Friday night at seven and you'll get it back," he winked at me and walked into the classroom.

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