Thursday, March 31, 2011

Isaiah 62 For Girls

Girls, these are God's words to you:

Your beauty shines out like a sunrise on the beach - you are Aurora, the goddess of the dawn. Your life in Me, your trust and love for Me is like a bonfire - you are Nuri, My fire. Everyone will see your passion and your love for Me. You are the crown of splendor I wear on My head, you are My most precious jewel - you are My Cleopatra, the glory of the Father. No one will ever be able to call you lonely again. You will not be left behind or forgotten. I look at you and declare to all the world,
"My delight is her! She makes my heart soar! She is My joy! She is My pride and joy!"
You will never be beaten again. I am standing in front of you and I am protecting you from everything bad. I will not rest until you are safe. I will not stop spoiling you until everyone recognizes you as Mine.
People will be drawn to you because of My love that is flowing through you. People will come to you, be attracted to you. Never again will you be thought of as alone or ugly.
You are defined by Me. And I call you Lovely and Beautiful. I call you Mine.

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